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I became the dad I didn’t want to be

In the short seven weeks since becoming a dad, I’ve learned some great lessons. Seeing my son smile at me, seeing him in moments of distress, or just having him sleeping on my shoulder bring with it many emotions. One of these emotions really surprised me. Let me explain...

Charlie and I like to take our family on a daily walk. It’s a great way to catch up and get some exercise. We are blessed to live on a street with a view, so it’s very popular with young families, kids on their bikes, or older people getting in their daily steps. There is no path, so people are forced to walk on the road. On one of these daily walks, a car appeared coming toward us. And let’s just say that their speed was well above the 50km/h limit. Without realising it I found myself pointing at the car, getting their attention, and with my arms moving quite dramatically, motioned “SLOOOWWW DOWWWN”. What had I just done? I’m not the guy that likes conflict, especially with strangers. I was shocked at what had just happened. Had I become the dramatic dad I didn’t want to be?

In hindsight, I’ve realised that, yes, I am that dad. I’m proud of this newly found protection I feel for my son. If it means pulling speeding motorists into line with my flailing arms, I’m ok with that.

Truth be told, it was only eight weeks ago that my wife was telling me to slow down on our street. But having a son has changed something in me. I now see things that I didn’t before, including potential dangers. In contrast to this, I see my son's vulnerability, and the love I feel for him has caused something to rise in me. I’m gaining a fresh revelation of 1 Corinthians 13 which tells us that “love protects”.

I think God is like this with us. The Bible tells us that He is our “Abba” Father (Romans 8:15) which means He’s our heavenly Dad. He delights in being a shield around us (Psalm 3:3) and a covering for us in our weakness (Romans 8:26). He is moved by love, and His love is not complaisant.

Be encouraged today that God is beside you, He loves you, and He’s protecting you.

Much love,

Ps Benaiah & Charlie

Senior Pastors

Celebration Church


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