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Hungry for God

Have you ever been hungry?

I mean really hungry?

At school, the annual '40 Hour Famine' fundraiser was always a challenge for me, one I wanted to succeed at. I would always try and find ways to get around not eating for 40 hours, and would often ask my teachers, “Are barley sugars allowed? How many can we have?” The teacher would then tell us that we could eat as many as we wanted, secretly knowing that once you had that fifth barley sugar lolly, you would never want to eat another one in your life.

I find myself in this season, hungry for God. No really, I am desperate for more of Him! Traditional ways of doing life, church, and ministry no longer satisfy. I just want to know Him more and have Him invade every area of my life.

God desires us to be hungry. Matthew 5:6 tells us that

“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.”

What an incredible promise to lay hold of!

In the kingdom, the more we partake of God, the stronger our hunger grows. The more we experience Him and His love, the more we want of Him. This is a noble pursuit.

Although we must be aware that in seasons where our hunger for God dwindles, it is often a sign of sickness in our soul. Just as a sick child refuses to eat, so is someone who has filled their life with too many “barley sugars,” in replacement of God.

Let’s be a people who are careful about what we consume, who commit to hunger for more of God, and who seek after Him with our whole hearts. For there are amazing treasures forevermore to be found in Him!

All our love,

Benaiah & Charlie Halliday

Senior Pastors

Celebration Church


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