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Celebration Youth

A safe place for all young people. We are a community of young people committed to changing the world.

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Who we are

Celebration Youth is a city-wide youth revolution focused on reaching and empowering young people to be all they where created to be. Hundreds of young people across many weekly programs gather together; make new friends; have fun and most of all, encounter God. We are passionate about celebrating young people helping them to reaching their potential, change the world and worship Jesus. We exist to Celebrate God, People & Life!

"We are passionate about seeing young people who are far from Christ changed by the Gospel"



Youth Pastor

Here are four things to help you grow in this relationship and make it real.



​Be sure to read your Bible everyday. Start in the book of John.​​



You can encounter God everyday through prayer and worship. We have a WORSHIP PLAYLIST to get you started.



Attend and get plugged-in to a Sunday Church. Join us every Friday at 7pm for our Celebration Youth Service.


Let Others Know

Go and let others know what it is God has done in your life.

Celebration Groups

Celebration Groups are a place to make new friends; have fun and most of all, encounter God. If you aren't in a Celebration Group why not join one today

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