'Get To Know Your Pastors' Edition

Some quick questions to get to know our wonderful pastors, Benaiah and Charlie Halliday...

1. Describe yourself in one word?

Ps Charlie: Fierce.

Ps Benaiah: Hilarious.

2. Describe your spouse in one word:

Ps Charlie: Kind.

Ps Benaiah: Underrated.

3. Favourite meal?

Ps Charlie: Lasange (Gluten-free - Benaiah special!).

Ps Benaiah: Anything Italian!

4. Favourite movie?

Ps Charlie: The Holiday.

Ps Benaiah: The Dark Knight (Batman!).

5. Favourite hobby?

Ps Charlie: Paddleboarding and travel!

Ps Benaiah: Studying the USA financial markets... or cars or motorbikes.

6. Something you couldn’t live without?

Ps Charlie: My coffee maker.

Ps Benaiah: Sarlie (our Newfy).

7. Current Music you're loving?

Ps Charlie: 'Peace' (album by Bethel Music).

Ps Benaiah: Anything by Bon Iver, or 'People' (album by Hillsong United).

8. Something people don’t know about you?

Ps Charlie: I’m a bit of a “handyman” (bring on the flat packs!).

Ps Benaiah: I love entrepreneurship.

9. What is a quirky or unusual fear that you have?

Ps Charlie: Feet.

Ps Benaiah: Spiders and small spaces.

10. What is one of your biggest pet peeves?

Ps Charlie: Rudeness.

Ps Benaiah: Items getting smaller in the supermarket but more expensive (have you noticed this?!).

11. What’s something you wish people knew about your spouse?

Ps Charlie: How kind he is.

Ps Benaiah: How powerful her prophetic gifting is. Also how sacrificial she is.

12. Date night looks like?

Ps Charlie: A movie together at Shellharbour with a large popcorn.

Ps Benaiah: Don’t forget the subway cookies!

13. What would you be doing if you weren’t pastoring?

Ps Charlie: I’ve always wanted to be a medical surgeon.

Ps Benaiah: Probably working on a startup in Silicon Valley (USA).

14. What inspires you?

Ps Charlie: People who think big!

Ps Benaiah: Pioneers!

15. What are you thankful for in this season?

Ps Charlie: My husband and God's grace.

Ps Benaiah: A healthy son, an incredible wife, and a church family who knows how to support each other in an unusual season.

16. One piece of advice to leave us with:

Ps Charlie: Trust God and step out because people often don’t regret what they DID do in life but rather what they DID NOT do.

Ps Benaiah: Don’t lose the song in your spirit.