Working Bee Update
Working Bee Key Areas & things to bring.
Hey Church! We are excited for this Sunday! We have a shortened service with Ps Joel bringing the word, and then we will be taking some time to look after God's house before we finish with a free BBQ lunch! Make sure you bring some clothes suitable for the jobs you will be doing e.g. a hat if you are gardening & some clothes and that you are willing to get a little dirty.
Here are the key areas / jobs and what you may need to bring! 
    1.    Interior Cleaning: walls, furniture & windows. What to bring? We have everything you need! 
   2.    Interior Organisation: sorting storerooms & cupboards. What to bring? We have everything you need!
   3.    Gardens: Weeding, trimming & plant removal. What to bring? Your favourite gardening tools & any gardening power tool you may have e.g. chainsaw or hedge trimmer.
   4.    External Cleanup: property cleanup, front gate and fence clearing, moving green waste, exterior building washing, outdoor furniture repairs. 
   5.    Extra Jobs. Note: Ps Joel & Mark Moharib will be contacting specific people to bring helpful tools for these jobs on Friday.
   ⁃    Kitchen exhaust fan installation completion. 
   ⁃    Garden bed repairs at the front of the church building.
   ⁃    Nowra Depot trips.
   ⁃    Behind church / shed clean up. 
   ⁃    Outdoor furniture repair / audit.
   ⁃    Bathroom door replacement. 
   ⁃    Pantry Shelves installation. 
If you have any questions talk to your connect leader, email us at, or give the church office a call this Friday 9am-5pm